Snow has once again descended upon Milton Keynes, and there’s no doubt about it — snow is fun for most dogs! It’s always important to stay safe when walking your dog in the snow or ice; so here are a couple top tips that are worth bearing in mind when going out in these low temperatures:

  • Make sure your dog doesn’t dehydrate. It can be easy to forget about this when it’s so cold outside, but dogs can get quite dehydrated very quickly regardless of the temperature. So it’s important you make sure they drink lots of water before they go out for a walk and again when they get back home.
  • Picking up their poop is still a must. Just because there’s lots of the white stuff on the ground doesn’t mean that it’s ok to leave your dogs poop without picking it up. When the snow melts – and of course it will – their poop will have probably been trodden in which will spread the mess all over the ground. Gross.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t eat snow. Ice and snow can harbor bacteria and make your pet sick. It’s quite tempting for some dogs to crunch down on bits of ice and snow, but unless you know it’s fresh (i.e. snow flakes falling from the sky), try to stop them.
  • Keep clean, dry towels by the door. It’s important to wash and dry your dog’s paws once you return home to remove any little ‘snow balls’ which can be uncomfortable for them, along with salt. If your dog has been frolicking as much as my little Grizzle has, then they will appreciate getting all toasty warm after their outing.

We love taking pictures of the dogs we walk, but in really low temperatures it can be hard to keep our hands out in the elements. But despite the freeeeeezing weather and endless sleety snow, our fabulous team of walkers not only braved the wind but managed to capture some fabulous pictures. There were too many to choose from but these are a couple of my favourites. Which one do you like best? Comment below or over on Facebook 🙂

(the cover photo is Bella, a dog we have in day care, and the picture was taken by her mum Rebecca who has her own photography business and takes some amazing pictures!)

lulu in the snow



bella 2