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Pet Visits & Cat Sitting in Milton Keynes

Pet visits tailored to your needs – offering convenience and peace of mind

We understand that our customers have diverse pet care requirements, so whether you’re away for two weeks or just a day you can relax knowing your furry friend is being well looked after. We offer our pet sitting service in Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages of Bow Brickhill, Little Brickhill, Great Brickhill, Aspley Guise, Woburn, Woburn Sands and Linslade.

Pet visits are the best option for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other exotic animals who do better within their home environment. Along with feeding, medicating, litter scooping and cleaning any little accidents, we will ensure your cat, or other small pet, receives the individual attention they are accustomed to along with lots of fuss and cuddles.

Our pop-in pet service can also be tailored to suit puppies or an older dog who may no longer require extended walks. Our pet sitters have devised games that provide a mental workout for older dogs or puppies and can be combined with a quick potty break and wander around the neighbourhood or garden – great value for money, a real treat for your pet and peace of mind for you!

Just select the number of drop-in visits you require per day and leave us to do the rest.

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Pet Sitters

Some of the benefits to using a professional pet sitter in Milton Keynes include:

  • Convenience – hassle free care, drop-offs and pick-ups are a thing of the past
  • Welfare – your pet will be happier and experience less stress at home
  • Consistency – diet, medication and exercise routines stay uninterrupted
  • Security – in-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind for your property
  • Individual Attention – our caregivers will provide one-on-one observation, pampering, love and attention while you are away

Puppy Care in Milton Keynes

Our pet pop-in service is also perfect if you have a new puppy. We can provide potty breaks, care and companionship for your puppy, including house and garden play along with a short walk. As your puppy gets older he/she can join us on group walks which will help enormously with the all important socialisation process.

Dog Pop-In Visits

If you have got a senior dog who doesn’t need a long walk but still enjoys a bit of companionship and fussing, along with a toilet break then this is the service for you! Our loving pet sitters will pamper your pooch while you’re at work, leaving you happy in the knowledge that your best friend is being well looked after.

Pet Visit Prices

20 Minutes – £12

Pet Visit Prices

45 Minutes – £14.00

Working away? Out for drinks with friends? Schedule someone to stop in and check on your pet. *Keeping pet ownership stress free!*