Will my dog enjoy boarding with other dogs? Who will my dog be staying with when with you? What do I need to tell you about my dog before I can book his holiday? How old does my dog need to be before he can board with you?

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new clients wishing to place their dog in home boarding while they go on holiday so read on to learn what makes your dog the ‘perfect fit’ for our boarding homes.

What age does my dog need to be?

This is a really important one so comes first. There is no point building your hopes up of securing a spot in our boarding homes if your pooch is below 6 months. Milton Keynes Council stipulate this within our license terms so it isn’t one we can stretch to suit your holiday, even if it is by a day or two! New puppy owners should bear this in mind before they plan any holidays abroad. If you’ve gotten a pup unexpectedly and your holiday was already purchased then house sitting is the perfect option. You can read more about this service we also offer here.

Can you take entire male dogs?

Sadly, the answer is 99% of the cases is no. This is because entire males spray / mark in our homes. This is behaviour you may surprised with as they don’t do it in your home or friends and family. However, it is a reality and something we have witnessed time and again. It is most likely due to all the numerous canine smells wafting through the boarders home as we have guest dogs come to stay 365 days of the year! Entire males not only mark their “territory” within the home, but they also are more prone to reactivity when placed with other dogs which is not a risk we are not prepared to take.

Saying this, some dogs are absolutely fine and do not cock their leg, nor present with any aggressive tendencies so it is not a blanket ban but something we take on a case by case basis. But please do bear in mind that most dogs fail their 24 hr trial with us if they are entire. Again, our house sitting option is perfect for this and it is indeed what I do with Grizzle every time I go away as he is entire too!

Oh no, my female dog is in season! Can she still board?

Again, sadly the answer is no unless we have no other guest dogs coming to stay over the same period (this includes day care dogs). A female dog in heat will be ‘harassed’ by other male dogs, whether they are entire or not. She also must be kept on lead at all times which can be difficult to manage with 4+ other dogs all playing off lead. And finally, it is a great risk for the home boarder which is most cases they are not prepared to take. New dog owners need to do their research on this before booking and paying for a holiday to ensure the dates of the holiday and season do not clash.

Who will my dog be staying with?

We have some small, friendly dogs in day care Monday – Friday and alongside this we will accept another 1 or 2 guest dogs subject to temperament and size. Our day care dogs are regular and well known to the boarder so any home boarding dogs will have their 24 hr trial with the dogs they will most likely be staying with during their holiday. This allows the boarder to assess the dynamics and ensure everyone gets on; and gives owners a chance to see who their pooch will be with in their absence. If your dog is aggressive or fearful they may prefer to stay in their own home, and in this case our house sitting option may be a better fit for you. If, however, they are simply a bit nervous but do enjoy dog company then worry not. We have had lots of wary little dogs come to stay and by the end of day one they are lounging around the place as if they own it!

Do you walk my dog off lead?

Most of the dogs who come to stay with us have reliable recall and are therefore allowed off lead. We walk in the woods and also have access to three large enclosed fields so off lead play is safe and fun. If your dog is small and you keep him/her on lead then we are happy to do so for your peace of mind.

However, we cannot keep large and strong dogs on lead as they often become frustrated wanting to play with the other dogs and pull our backs and necks in the process. If you have a large dog who has not been taught to walk nicely on the lead and has poor recall then they may be better suited to staying within their own home with friends / family stopping over and one of our walkers coming along mid day to take them for a walk. Or you can use our house sitting service.

My dog sometimes has ‘accidents’ in the house, can he still stay with you?

In the main, the answer will be no. But during our 24 hr trials we do assess how frequent these accidents are and if simply down to nerves we may suggest doing a second trial day to see if them getting to know us reduces the number of accidents (it often does). Saying that, some doggies just haven’t been taught where the right place to toilet is and defecate in their beds, in the kitchen and anywhere / anywhere they fancy. These dogs are sadly not suitable for home boarding.

Header Picture Credit: Heartland Animal Hospital Ashland, MO veterinary clinic


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