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//Dog Food Recipes

Homemade Dog Food Recipes. Healthy and delicious dog food recipes to make at home. Maintain good health by creating your own treats and meals with just a few ingredients.

The Easiest Kong Stuffing Recipe

Have you got a KONG lying around but not sure what to fill it with? Sure there are loads of great KONG stuffing recipe ideas you can try, numerous available here for instance. However, sometimes you just want to keep things simple if you’re in a rush. And this Lillie’s Kitchen solution is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.

Lillie’s Kitchen is a healthy choice, yes it’s a bit pricier than some other wet brands of dog food but it’s full of real nutrients and smells good enough to eat! Grizzle’s favourite flavour is Fishy Fit Pie with Peas (it does make him a bit windy though, shhhh don’t tell him).

kong 2

kong 3

We buy our cans at Walnut Pet Supplies, but Tesco also seems to stock a wide range of them too; and at Christmas they have special editions like their Three Bird Feast which is just too tempting not to buy!

Prepping your stuffed KONG couldn’t be easier. Just open the can and stuff the KONG full of the mushy food. Really smush it in so that it’s jam packed and then pop in a freezer bag and stick in the freezer. If you want your dog to gain maximum enjoyment from his KONG and not have finished the food in seconds, then you need to freeze it first. This will mean he has to lick away at it to start the melting process before the food starts to drop out. When you freeze a KONG most dogs will spend a good 20 – 30 min working to get the food out, vs approximately 5 minutes when it’s soft and loose (too easy for them to squish the KONG and plop out comes the food!)

kong 1

kong 5

If you have a few of these KONGS in the house then you can stuff and freeze multiple in one go, thus reducing the time you spend and ensuring you have one on hand any time you need! Yesterday I froze a large and small KONG ready for the evening when we had guests over for dinner. Grizzle is a bit of a tricky doggy when it comes to human food and if we don’t keep him busy with his own dinner he’ll spend the entire time trying to steal food off our plates. I prepped his KONGS first thing in the morning and by 1700 they were frozen solid and kept him busy whilst we ate. Win win.

kong 4

A KONG is also a great solution for the working owner who leaves their dog during the day. We recommend giving dogs their breakfast in one of these, over a bowl which is typically gulped up in minutes. And for dogs who get easily bored by their kibble (something I see all the time), having to ‘work’ for their food often interests them into nibbling away at the KONG till the food is eaten up. You can top a ‘boring’ kibble stuffed KONG with something interesting and tasty, for instance pet safe peanut butter, bit of natural yogurt, banana, leftover meat, pate, etc. Just check to ensure what you are topping your KONG with is safe for your dog and then crack on!

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