Hi Guys, it’s Grizzle here. I thought you may like to follow what us doggies get up to when in day care so I asked mum if I could have my own section on the blog and she said yes 🙂

Walkies in Manor Fields, Waterhall Park and Caldecotte Lake

After picking up my doggy pals we headed off to Manor Fields which leads on to Waterhall Park (MK2 3FJ). You can park at either end although mum usually picks a spot by the Orchard as there’s loads of room, plenty of poo bins and you can mix up the walk by starting either at Manor Fields or by going down the canal.

As you can see from the pictures, we had an amazing time. If you go first thing in the morning there are not many people or other dogs; to be honest I found this a bit annoying but we still had fun attacking nasty sticks that poke out of the water, it’s like they are there to tease us!

manor fields, mk

We also bumped into a man from Tiggywinkles who was carrying a big white bird in a blanket. Mum looked sad after I heard the nice lady at the farm tell her that a dog attacked the bird – well it was a swan actually – in the night and killed it. The man carrying the swan looked upset and told everyone to keep their dogs on a lead when passing by the nest. I wasn’t surprised as mum always does this – she knows I’m a naughty boy who likes to chase anything that moves!

Oh well, after that we met a couple of ladies who had some poofy poodles who didn’t really want to play and kept turning their bottoms away stopping us boys from having a good old sniff. I think this is because they were a little nervous of us because we sometimes bark and jump about a lot. Mum told us to be good and distracted us away with a treat.

snoozing doggy

We then went home for nap time as our legs were tired. I’m used to the noise of canal boats and stuff but the other doggies still find it weird so I have my work cut out to teach them not to be worried about what they hear. Everyone is really friendly so I think they’ll be fine in a few days.

After we recharged our batteries mum took us all out to Caldecotte Lake (MK7) where we met LOADS of joggers, cyclists and best of all: BUNNY RABBITS. Sometimes it’s hard not to chase them, especially when the little small baby ones stand there looking all cute and yummy but mum is boring and never lets us.

One day when she’s not looking we may get a chance … maybe … In the meantime, I guess we’ll have to behave.


Well that’s it for today. Follow our blog to keep up to date with all of our fun doggy day care adventures.

See you next time! 🙂


caldecotte lake milton keynes