Don’t be caught off-guard by an unwanted hairball being coughed up around your house this shedding season by reading our 3 top tips!

  • Keep on top of brushing – Cats tend to do a pretty good job of grooming themselves so many people don’t think much about brushing them. But for long haired cats, and during shedding ‘season’ a good daily brushing is a must! The more of that fur you remove with a brush, the less they ingest. Don’t forget to wipe them down with a moist cloth after you brush them to remove any extra loose fur (oh and keep that vacuum cleaner nearby too as their furs will be floating everywhere!) My cat, pictured below, has lots of fur! He’s a short haired Persian so his fur is dense, thick and frankly all over the place. I invested in both the Zoom Groom and the Furminator, though my top choice would be the Furminator for sure – it just gets so much off of him, and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all.
  • Medicines & Supplements – If you think your cat may already have a hairball brewing, pick up an over-the-counter “medicine” to help them pass it. These medicines are often mild laxatives and can help hair pass through your cat’s system normally. Adding extra fiber to your pet’s diet, through food or supplement, is a great preventative change you can make too!
  • Add some Coconut Oil – Mix a small amount of coconut oil in your cat’s food (if they will eat it of course). The oil helps to lubricate their digestive system naturally. Consumption of it can also make their coat shiny! This is a short-term treatment though. Feed oil in moderation over short periods of time, and do consult your vet prior to ensure that it’s suitable for your cat.

pankee grooming

If your cat continually suffers from issues associated with vomiting and you suspect there might be more to it than hairballs than see your vet as there might be a more serious issue at play. And left untreated, hairballs can form intestinal blockages that are very dangerous for your cat.

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In blog picture credit: Jog My Dog (Pancake cat!)