At Jog My Dog we pride ourselves on providing a 365 day a year service to our clients. But just like you, we like to take some time off to spend time with our family and friends to relax, travel and unwind. The beauty of how we work is that you will always have cover for your dog walks throughout the year. How? Well have a read and find out!

When you sign up we will run through the process of how we work. You can read about this here. The beauty of having a team of walkers familiar with your home set up, doggy temperament and likes/dislikes means covering for sickness, holiday and last minute emergencies is possible.

Many clients on sign up ask if they will have one walker or a few. We give each client a set walker but they also have a set back up walker – so essentially two girls with keys to their home. However, we also do joint walks with some of the other local walkers so that we can assess your doggy alongside the others that join our group walks; to be sure that everyone gets on and all the walkers are familiar with your dog. This way, should they ever need to step in and cover in an emergency they are more than ready to do so!

This system works fabulously and means we can say yes to 99% of bookings requests, even when they come in last minute. If clients only had one walker then there would be lots of occasions where they would be ‘let down’. However, with the way we work there is always cover for walks even if your usual walker is on their annual leave.

All the girls walking for Jog My Dog have gone through the same recruitment and induction process. They are all DBS cleared and work to the high standards we set. Our booking process is straightforward and as long as you have given us 2x keys to your property or use a key box safe we can get someone to you.