Traveling with your cats should not be a stressful experience for you or them. However, many cats seldom travel, living much of their life at home unless they need to visit the vet. Some cats are confident by nature and these travel easily, while there are others who are nervous when picked up and even more so when put in a cat carrier and driven across town.

If your cat has a problem traveling, or is nervous by nature, then it’s important to look for the best cat carrier for nervous cats. This way you can build up positive association with the carrier and help them to feel confident about going inside it long before you need to use it.

For me personally, I found the top opening Wire Cat Carrier Basket by The Purr Company fabulous! It is large and spacious enough for my big persian cat to sit comfortably, along with turn around if he wants to; and I line it with a soft towel so it’s not uncomfortable for him to sit in. It gives him the option to look around as we’re too’ing and fro’ing from the house and van. Saying this, if I think we may bump into people or dogs then I pop a towel on top so that he’s in darkness and other dogs can’t see him (thus reducing barking and any other behaviour which might frighten him when he’s inside).

Now my cat doesn’t willingly jump into the carrier – he doesn’t love it that much. But he is not nervous when sat inside it as it’s something I got him used to from a kitten. And the beauty of these carriers opening from the top is that scary prying hands from vets or other strangers are not coming at him, rather he is picked up from above in a much more comfortable and non threatening manner.

Don’t forget to check the size of your cat. Not all carriers are made to fit every size of cats. There are some designed for specific breeds, size, and age, so bear this in mind when choosing your cat carrier.

To end .. a picture of my main man – Pancake the cat 🙂