Hula held their Fete & Fun Dog show today from 12:00 till 16:00, and with the weather being mild and dry they had a great turn out! For those who are not local to Milton Keynes, Hula Animal Rescue is located in Aspley Guise at the following address: Glebe Farm, Salford Rd, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes MK17 8HZ

Grizzle and I got there for around 13:45 and the car park was pretty full at that point. With just £2 entrance fee for adults and £1 for kids the afternoon was most certainly affordable for all, and it showed: there were loads of families there with their children and of course little doggies.

hula fete milton keynes

Aside from the list of scheduled activities you could also get yourself lunch from the burger stall, ice creams and lollies, drinks and other cakes and bakes. And if you were a dog then you were also catered for by way of some tasty home made treats available at the Tyco’s Treats stand. We hung out there for 15 min chatting about ingredients and how to get the perfect bake. Why? Because at Jog My Dog we like to leave our first time doggy customers a little treat and I wanted to get some new ideas for tasty recipes. Grizzle was given one too many samples and he walked away nice and full of tuna muffins – yum!

I’ve never seen so many different breeds of dog in one place (other than Crufts of course). Grizzle didn’t know where to look, they were everywhere! If you have a reactive dog then this type of event is probably one you need to manage with care as some of the dogs got pretty close at some points, either queuing up for the fun dog show or other games and competitions. Saying that, there was plenty of space overall so if you wanted to keep your dog separate from the crowds then it was easily achievable.

With bales of hay to sit on, plenty to eat, drink and do this is the perfect event to pop along to with your family. Hula, and other rescue centres across the country, rely on donations and support from the public and these types of events not only help bring awareness to the plight of abandoned animals they also raise a considerable amount of money; so if you can spare some time in your diary then I suggest you schedule the next one in. You won’t be disappointed.

hula open day