Hey Everyone, Grizzle here… I thought you might like to follow mine and mum’s journey as we turn a rubbish filled disused allotment plot into our new edible garden.

Some of you might be aware that my dad was diagnosed with a bad illness late last year and that means we’ll soon need to leave our lovely cottage and garden. Mum was feeling down about not having outside space but then I came up with a brilliant plan! There are these great big allotments right by my favourite walk in Manor Fields, Fenny Stratford, and I told her to get us a patch of land where we could grow stuff, I could dig (the most important part!), sit around in the sun and bark at stuff. She didn’t need too much convincing to be honest. Dad did on the other hand but he came round soon enough as he gives me anything I want.

After a lot of back and forth (which included swapping, getting her money back, paying again) mum settled on a plot down on the right hand side of the allotment. We don’t have anyone to the right of us yet which is great as it means mum can park the van right by our land and dad can come with us and help out too. Usually she brings me down early in the morning so I can dig as I do make a lot of noise barking and yelping with excitement as she puts the spade in the ground. When we go later on I’m expected to be quiet which is ridiculous. There are so many people pottering about and no dogs – my dream place to hang out all day!

So that’s it for now, follow our story month by month so you can track our progress and keep up to date with all the things we’re getting up to.

Love, Grizzle

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