Booking a holiday always comes with a difficult decision to make as a pet owner – do you take your pets with you or leave them behind. If the latter is what you choose, you have a number of options from kennels, to house sitters to home boarding.

At Jog My Dog we recommend house sitting and home boarding over kennels every time. Through experience we have found that dogs are far less stressed when their usual routines are maintained; and if you select the right home boarding host your dog may have such a great time he doesn’t want to come home!

Our home boarding hosts are approved by Milton Keynes Council. This means that their homes and gardens have been inspected carefully and any safety concerns put to right before guest dogs are welcomed. Hosts are also DBS checked for your peace of mind, along with having training in Canine 1st Aid.

We only welcome one guest dog at a time which means that your pooch will receive our undivided attention during their holiday. And if that’s not enough reason to book your dogs holiday with Jog My Dog then have a read through our top 7 benefits of Home Boarding below …

Dog Home Boarding Benefits

  1. Your dog will always have human company
  2. They settle quicker in a home environment
  3. Your dog gets to have a 24hr trial while you are nearby
  4. Your pooch is less likely to feel stressed or suffer separation anxiety
  5. There’s less risk of catching diseases like kennel cough, which can easily be contracted when dogs are exposed to the many other dogs in kennels
  6. Your dog has the opportunity to socialise with another furry friend and explore new exciting walks
  7. There’s less disruption to your dogs routine. We are happy to follow your regular walking, feeding and exercise regimes which helps to reduce their anxiety when away from home

Home Boarding with Jog My Dog is an affordable alternative to kennels so drop us an email to book your dogs stay today! | | 07843 711075

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