Who doesn’t like to buy their dog a present? I’m so guilty of this, I just love to spoil my pooch! If you’re the same as me then you will love this list of useful presents you can wrap up and give to your doggy on the big day.

Equafleece Dog Garments – these products are a bit more pricey than what you might find on the high street but they are well worth it! Equafleece stock a wide selection of jumpers, tankies, suits and coats in both fleece and t-shirt material and each item is made to fit your dog on a bespoke basis as you measure them up at point of order. I recommend these to all our dog walking clients as they keep dogs clean on walks along with warm and dry. They can also double up as a thundershirt – these are known to help many dogs stay calm during firework season and other stressful events.

dog jumper


♥ Baxter’s Boutique: Handmade Fashionable Dog Tags, Collars, Leads, Bandana’s and more! – now your trendsetting pooch can enjoy looking fashionable just like you. Each piece in the collection is unique and lovingly hand made. Fabrics are purchased in small quantities which means you’re unlikely to ever bump into another dog wearing the same piece. With a variety of styles, there is something for every dog.

baxters boutique


♥ Personalised Painted Dog Box – these toy storage boxes are made from solid pine wood with cut-out side handles and batten style feet. When ordering, simply enter your dog’s name and choose your colours and motif and you’ll have a personalised box that will help keep your dog’s toys organised and tidy whilst also looking great in your home on its way.

dog box


♥ Mango and Maud’s Doggy Grooming Parlour – help your pooch smell fantastic all year round by investing in a few key items from this extensive posh looking range. You will find everything you need from dog shampoo, body wipes, paw balm, towels, bags and more here; and while not the cheapest if you love to pamper your pup, and appreciate a fine product yourself, then these will be just the bits for you!



♥ Muddy Paws Dry Dog Bag – these are a great way of towelling down your pooch after a long walk in the country or by the seaside. Designed to easily dry and clean your dog when they’re wet and muddy, put them in, zip it up and this bag uses the heat of their body and their movement to dry and clean. They are made from top quality towelling material with a heavy duty zip. They come in 7 sizes and are machine washable. What’s not to love?

dry dog bag


Love these ideas? Why not share with family and friends as a sort of ‘hint hint’ if they are stuck on presents for the man furry man or woman in your life .. Have a happy Christmas!