If you’re after the most dog friendly walks in Milton Keynes you’ve come to the right place! We are spoiled for choice here and there are lots of gorgeous spots to choose from all across the city; however, in my blog I’ll highlight some of my personal favorites. The spotlight today is on Stanton Low Park in North Milton Keynes.

map stanton lowThe park takes about an hour to walk around and is fairly remote in terms of dogs and people – when you compare it to other parks or lakes in Milton Keynes. There are lots of fully enclosed fields which are, at the moment, empty (and it would appear used by numerous dog owners for teaching recall and letting fido play off lead safely); however, I should highlight that the fully enclosed fields will often have animals grazing within them and dog walkers using the fields may be moved off the site with no advance warning. If you would like to read more about The Parks Trust ‘code of conduct’ for responsible dog walking then you can visit here for more info.

As you meander down the quiet lane you’ll pass by the gorgeous ruin of St Peters Church which leads nicely on to the lake which is often frequented by relaxed weekenders sailing their boats. Along the way you will find plenty of spots for your dog to cool off and get a drink, with benches for you to enjoy a sandwich and a warm cup of tea.

dog in mk park

Stanton Low Park is pretty wide and open, which means even if there are other walkers with dogs out you are able to see them miles off and either say hello or avoid. With no roads, cars or dense foliage with hiding rabbits and squirrels within, even the most prey driven dogs are safe here.

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