New Dogs: June 2018

We thought to start a new feature on our blog: celebrating the new dogs who join Jog My Dog each month. This is our first post like this so hope you enjoy it; and if your pet is featured then do share with family and friends!


This girlie is only 12 weeks old and is a Sprollie (Springer/Border Collie Mix). We come out a few times in the week for puppy visits to break up her day and clean up any little accidents. During our visits we also give her lunch, play games in the garden, go for short walks to get her used to sights and sounds outside, introduce her to friendly dogs we walk in the area and practice recall and other commands she’s learning with mum. Once she’s big enough she will join our fun social walks and we can’t wait!

puppy care milton keynes



This gorgeous family of dogs in Aspley Guise are the best! Dave, the lurcher, is a little bit nervous with new dogs and situations but we were careful and slow with our introductions and he absolutely loves going out to meet his other long legged friends from the village! Charlie is so cheeky and always up for a game of chase; while older sister Pheobe the pug is not really interested in outings, preferring a bit of shut eye while her active brothers are out and about. We do always take her for a little toilet in the garden and give plenty of fuss when there, she loves it!

dog walker aspley guise

dog care aspley guise



This beautiful cat was able to stay in her own home during her mum and dads recent holiday; and because the weather has been SO lush (oh England .. ) every time we turned up she was just chillin’ in the garden. Most of the time she would spy on me from under the table and chairs, not too keen on the flower watering going on, but as soon as that was done and breakfast served she would come straight out for 15 minutes of solid purrrrring with endless head rubs and licks/nibbles. She was the cutest and really enjoyed the company, along with getting to stay in her own home instead of being sent off to a cattery.

cat care mk



This 4 year old English Springer Spaniel is so handsome! He has joined us for walks, day care and home boarding and we couldn’t be more fond of him. That crazy bouffant on top of his head, his long tongue which hangs out when he runs freely in the woods are just two of the things that make him as charming as he is! He also has a few other ‘twins’ in day care and half the time his updates go out with the wrong doggy showing (face palm moment).

aspley guise dog walker



At 14 years old, this golden retriever was just after short gentle strolls and a bit of company at home whilst his mum and dad were away for the weekend. He loved to show us his favourite local walks and chill in his garden, rolling around never feels so good as when it’s hot hot hot out!

stony stratford dog walker



We were SO excited to start walking this doggy as you don’t see many Tibetan Terriers about. And she is everything her owners said she would be and more: great recall, super friendly with all other dogs and people, travels well and just enjoys her walks full stop. Since it’s been so warm, we’ve been taking the dogs from Newport Pagnell down to the river but so far Callie hasn’t been that interested in full on swimming; however we feel confident that she’ll be joining the other dogs for a good paddle one day soon, especially if we’re lucky enough to have this glorious weather all summer as predicted!

dog walker newport pagnell



Another puppy! We visited this boy at just 10 weeks old and as as Vizsla he’s got a lot of growing to do, and it seems that’s just what’s happening each time we turn up. We’ve walked quite a few of these breeds over the years and they can vary in terms of behaviour and how well they walk on lead, so we’re taking a lot of time to build up this pup’s confidence whilst working on loose lead walking each time we go out. At the moment (because he’s so young) he’s not keen on the harness, his lead, his collar or the big scary outdoors, but that will all change as he grows up and has more and more positive experiences.

dog walker wavendon



This golden oldie is a 14 yr staffy mix and isn’t he the cutest?! Because of his age, he wasn’t really into long walks and big adventures, preferring to stay local to his green in Stony Stratford and show us his favourite haunts. Little ginnels would lead to the gorgeous high street and with the sun high in the sky we could pretend we were on holiday (almost!).

dog walker stony stratford



At just 2 years old, this German Shepherd is ready for fun! She loves to play and chase other dogs, but sometimes forgets how big and powerful she is. This is why her mum booked her in for walks .. so working on her play skills, knowing when to stop and calm down, and being introduced to lots of different dogs week on week is the name of the game. She has made tons of friends already and loves to swim so we usually end up at Mermaids Pond in Aspley Guise each week!

dog walker walnut tree