Meet Grizzle

When I moved to Milton Keynes with my humans I was only a small pup but quickly made loads of doggy friends! I’m so lucky to live on the canal near lots of great walks and rivers as chasing sticks and swimming are my favourite things. I live with Pancake, a ginger cat who is almost the same size as me, and two hens.

Being a Border Terrier I’m fast and have lots of energy. I’m also smart with a great nose! So I asked my humans to put me in Scentwork classes and over the last year I’ve completed the first 5 levels and we’re now going for Handler Accreditation with Talking Dogs (if you join us for Day Care I can show you how it works). Because I’m so fast, but sometimes a little bit cheeky when I’m let off my lead, mum and I decided to start running together. Looking around she realised that there must be other dogs like me who have LOADS of energy to burn but can be a bit naughty when not on a lead.

So here we are and now I get to go for walkies with lots of new friends! I like all dogs, whether you are teeny tiny or huge; as long as you have had your shots, you can join our gang. Mum works really hard to help me run the business, for example if my friends want to stay for the day she will pick them up from their houses and take us all out for a good run around before we chill out and play at  home. Or sometimes I just get to see other doggies for an hour’s walk and that’s fine too! My pals are always really well looked after and super tired out from all the fun we’ve had. If you want to see for yourself you can watch our videos over on Facebook.

We are super proud of what we offer so if you want to come and play with us, then get your human to email or ring today!

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What Customers Say

Cool pics taken after the dogs have been out, and you get lots of handy tips and tricks as well about all sorts of things from helping your dog and cat to get along to making home made treats!
Anya Thamm
I love getting a map of where my pups have been and what they’ve been up to! I’m not in town too often, but this service is absolutely my go-to.
Alvi Story
Highly recommend. Run by a very caring, compassionate person who has excellent knowledge and understanding, along with a huge amount of experience.
Lisa Hird