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Cat Proofing Your Garden

This will be a controversial blog post because owners who allow their cats to roam are still in the majority and I believe many think it ludicrous to keep a cat ‘confined’. However, I would tend to disagree. While I appreciate that (most) cats are happiest when they are outside, our modern world is simply not as safe as it used to be and because of this many cats are having their lives cut short through road traffic accidents or poisoning. Saying that, I find it equally important to be understanding of people’s individual decisions, we’re all doing the best we can for our pets and that’s what matters most 🙂

My Pancake cat used to roam in the hills behind our house. We are lucky to live in a relatively quiet area and it seemed safe – he was always ‘hanging out’ in the same spot. But in true cat form, the massive hill wasn’t enough for him and he started to wander towards the main road or sit on the canal toe path. After being chased by a few dogs and going missing for 24 hours I decided to look into cat proofing my garden. This was a light bulb moment and literally the BEST thing I have ever done. Hands down.

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Cat owners will know the feeling: every time your cat is out wandering you are slightly on edge wondering what time they will be coming home. And if they are late? You immediately fear the worst. To be honest, I couldn’t handle any more of these stressful feelings so I bit the bullet and invested in cat proofing!

It didn’t take long to decide what sort I wanted for our garden. There’s not actually a huge variety in the UK: you’ve got the DIY ‘ers who have a go at creating something of their own, then there is the frequently seen (though in my opinion not terribly good looking) cat security system that ProtectaPet provide,  others build an enclosure along the side of their house – with their cats accessing from an open window or cat flap. We went for Katzecure. Having a cutsie cottage and a stunning garden I needed cat proofing that was ‘in keeping’; I also wanted wood as opposed to metal or mesh and these guys came as close as anything else I could find in the UK.

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Katzecure are not cheap but in my opinion they are worth every penny. And if you move you can simply take the fixings and wood with you. If you want to get really creative with your space then you can plant a load of pet safe bushes, flowers and small trees to create interest for your cat. My guy is spoiled: he has a pond, a summer house and lots of planting to keep him entertained for hours. He loves it in there and I love that he is safe and happy.

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… With Our Pet Sitting Software

As a business we are committed to providing first class customer service, and what this means to me is not only looking after pets but also their owners through open and honest communication via feedback, pictures, messaging and more.

We can do all this through our top notch pet sitter software – Time to Pet.

As a client you will have peace of mind that your furry family members are receiving amazing care when you aren’t around; and we will be able to manage the business in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

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With Time to Pet clients can easily login to their Client Portal from either their PC or phone and review all upcoming events. With GPS/Time Tracking we ensure that clients get bang for their buck, along with verifiable proof that their scheduled events were completed. It’s super easy to navigate around the client portal where events can be scheduled or cancelled, update pet and house information or simply review all upcoming visits. Paying an invoice couldn’t be easier with an integrated PayPal account, you don’t even need to leave the page! And what’s more, if clients ever get confused there is a dedicated Client Portal Help Section too. No more confusion or last minute texts and emails. We like to make it easy for you to do business with us.

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Sitters are able to send real-time updates to clients complete with notes and pictures through the Time To Pet mobile app; and if clients want to send their sitter a quick note – they can do this from the portal too!

Our mission at Jog My Dog is to provide our human clients with unmatched peace of mind and we do this through maintaining up to date and through accurate information and transparent communication.

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