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Dog Friendly Walks in Milton Keynes: Old Stratford & The River Ouse

Today we picked up our exploration of The River Ouse from Old Stratford. As you can see from the pictures this is a really dog friendly walk. You’ve got the river on one side (great for cooling your dogs off in these hot months) and fields on the other. With a well maintained path, and no roads nearby, walking here with your dog is just a joy.

river ouse in stony stratford

We did a wide loop from Old Stratford and followed the river right the way around till we reached the old Mill. At this point it was dog on the lead as we crossed the fields which are full of cattle at the moment. As you first cross the fields there is no path and in wetter months you would definitely want wellies or waterproof walking shoes as it gets pretty swampy; however, on a hot May day my little shoes stood up to the job.

If you veer towards the left (away from the river) you will come across a little path again – it’s straight as you like and leads you to the canal. If you take a right you will meet up with the Grand Union canal (at the t-junction left takes you to Cosgrove and right to Wolverton). We usually go left and walk along the disused canal; there are wide dips where the water used to be and with plenty of wildlife dotting about your dog will be kept entertained throughout. A word of warning: sometimes there are sheep in the fields and you may not see them until it’s too late. Because of this I usually keep Grizzle on lead for the final stretch of the walk, but that’s really not an issue in my opinion – by the time you get to this point you will have been walking for a good hour and twenty minutes, your dog will no doubt have swam plenty and be ready for a gentle stroll next to you.

Near the end of the walk you will need to put your dog on a lead (if you haven’t before) because to join up to the starting point you will be close to a very busy road. You’ll hear cars well in advance though so if your dog is a plodder then just listen out and you’ll be fine.

In total the walk took 1 hour and 30 minutes. We walked a slow pace which allowed for plenty of swimming and chewing sticks.

dog friendly walks stony stratford

Doggy Day Care Diaries: dead swans in Waterhall Park

Hi Guys, it’s Grizzle here. I thought you may like to follow what us doggies get up to when in day care so I asked mum if I could have my own section on the blog and she said yes 🙂

Walkies in Manor Fields, Waterhall Park and Caldecotte Lake

After picking up my doggy pals we headed off to Manor Fields which leads on to Waterhall Park (MK2 3FJ). You can park at either end although mum usually picks a spot by the Orchard as there’s loads of room, plenty of poo bins and you can mix up the walk by starting either at Manor Fields or by going down the canal.

As you can see from the pictures, we had an amazing time. If you go first thing in the morning there are not many people or other dogs; to be honest I found this a bit annoying but we still had fun attacking nasty sticks that poke out of the water, it’s like they are there to tease us!

manor fields, mk

We also bumped into a man from Tiggywinkles who was carrying a big white bird in a blanket. Mum looked sad after I heard the nice lady at the farm tell her that a dog attacked the bird – well it was a swan actually – in the night and killed it. The man carrying the swan looked upset and told everyone to keep their dogs on a lead when passing by the nest. I wasn’t surprised as mum always does this – she knows I’m a naughty boy who likes to chase anything that moves!

Oh well, after that we met a couple of ladies who had some poofy poodles who didn’t really want to play and kept turning their bottoms away stopping us boys from having a good old sniff. I think this is because they were a little nervous of us because we sometimes bark and jump about a lot. Mum told us to be good and distracted us away with a treat.

snoozing doggy

We then went home for nap time as our legs were tired. I’m used to the noise of canal boats and stuff but the other doggies still find it weird so I have my work cut out to teach them not to be worried about what they hear. Everyone is really friendly so I think they’ll be fine in a few days.

After we recharged our batteries mum took us all out to Caldecotte Lake (MK7) where we met LOADS of joggers, cyclists and best of all: BUNNY RABBITS. Sometimes it’s hard not to chase them, especially when the little small baby ones stand there looking all cute and yummy but mum is boring and never lets us.

One day when she’s not looking we may get a chance … maybe … In the meantime, I guess we’ll have to behave.


Well that’s it for today. Follow our blog to keep up to date with all of our fun doggy day care adventures.

See you next time! 🙂


caldecotte lake milton keynes



Dog Friendly Walks in Milton Keynes: The River Ouse & Cosgrove

This is another one of my favourite dog walks in Milton Keynes because not only is the ever-changing landscape gorgeous, it is also another safe one if you have dogs who are slightly unreliable off lead – as my little Grizzle is.

I usually park near The Galleon in Wolverton and wander along the canal till I reach the slightly wonky stairs to enter Ouse Valley. I go this route because I love to browse all the ‘bric a brac’ in G Dads Collectables after my walk. When I was last there I picked up a gorgeous little antique desk for my new office and sampled a rather large slice of their home made carrot cake – it was lush! I highly recommend popping in next time you’re down that way, you won’t be disappointed.

However, if you’re watching your waistline and have no desire to shop then there is actually a fair bit more parking space in the area at Ouse Valley Park (it is on your left as you travel from Old Wolverton towards Haversham); it’s free too, bonus!

The circular walk is flanked by River Ouse on one side and the Gravel Pits on the other. As you follow the path around you will not only find plenty of areas to stop for a drink and bite to eat but also get a chance to nosy at some of the adorable little plots within the Cosgrove caravan site.

stone pit gravels

Time Your Walk:

Circular walk, option one; Car park > Manor Farm > Iron Trunk Aqueduct = 1.3 miles, 45 minutes

Circular walk, option two; Iron Trunk Aqueduct > River Ouse > car park = 1.3 miles, 35 minutes

Total circular walk = 2.6 miles, approximately 1 hour 10 min

Cosgrove extended walk option; Iron Trunk Aqueduct > Cosgrove > Iron Trunk Aqueduct = 1.5 miles, 40 minutes.

Total circular walk PLUS Cosgrove extension = 4.1 miles, approximately 2 hours

With or without livestock in the fields this is truly an amazing place to go for a wander with your dog. The views are simply stunning, and although the River Ouse floods from time to time so long as you come prepared with wellies and the understanding that you may get wet, you will have a fabulous time. I’ll be back next weekend!

wolverton walks

Walk Time Credits: The Parks Trust

Jog My Dog Goes Live

After what seems like months of hard work Jog My Dog’s website is officially live!

Now that it’s out there I can finally get rid of the bits of paper, ideas, notes, scribbles, files saved here there and everywhere on three different computers, and all the other crazy ideas I’ve come up with at 3am. The site is a combination of efforts from Westfourstreet Web Design, Brighton Dog Photography and, the main inspiration behind this career and life changing move into the pet world, my adorable pets Pancake, Grizzle, Bulbster and Flighty!

Along with brainstorming what to put where content wise, Grizzle and I travelled all the way to the Devil’s Dyke in Brighton to take the stunning doggy pictures you see across the site; sheer luck in the end as we waited for ages to have a dry day after weeks and weeks of rain and the shoot being postponed.

Although we have had a few setbacks along the way (like losing all the GoPro doggy video footage, and Grizzle eating poo instead of posing for pics) we got there in the end and I am so proud of the end result – chuffed is not the word! I hope the site conveys clearly my huge passion for pets and drive to create an amazing customer experience for all pet owners who use our services in Milton Keynes – this has been the goal from the start and I personally think we’ve achieved it.

If you want a detail oriented, patient and very talented web designer in Milton Keynes then drop Richard at Westfourstreet an email. He has been immensely patient with my ever changing requests and available every day for questions and last minute changes. If anyone needs a website built then he’s your go to man, hands down.

And as I mention above, the gorgeous pictures on the site were taken by the hugely popular Rhian White from Brighton Dog Photography. She takes simply amazing animal pictures and I highly recommend (psst. she does vouchers so get the family or other half to buy you one!).

I’d love to hear what you think of the site, leave a comment below 🙂


Dog Friendly Pubs Milton Keynes

Find out where you and your best friend are welcome in our guide to Dog Friendly Pubs in Milton Keynes!

I don’t know about you but I love to visit a local pub when out and about with Grizzle. There’s nothing better than meandering around parks, lakes or just having a walk down the canal and stopping off for a bite to eat and a drink (or three). At this point I should say ‘while my dog rests quietly under the table’ but the truth of it is Grizzle causes quite a stir when we go out so now we always bring a raw bone with us to keep him occupied while we chill.

There’s actually quite a few lovely dog friendly pubs in Milton Keynes so you are spoiled for choice. In my list below you’ll find a wide range of styles, some quirky and old (my favourite) others more modern, and everything in between! I do love my nosh so I steer towards places that serve up a good helping of it, but if you just fancy a drink then happy days you have LOTS of options!

I’ve been to most of these places without my camera and pen/paper, but that’s about to change. In future blogs I’ll be writing an individual review of each pub in my list below – these posts will include lots of pictures and greedy foody descriptions where applicable, yum! Oh and not forgetting Grizzle’s opinion as to just how dog friendly they really were.

dog friendly mk

Let me know in the comments section if I’ve missed any good ones and what your own findings were.

  • The New Inn – Dogs are allowed inside where you can also enjoy pub grub, all day breakfasts and some interesting alternative menu items and specials.
  • The Galleon – Dogs seem to be okay inside or outside so long as on a lead. Decent honest pub grub. Big beer garden, really friendly staff who seem to like dogs.
  • The Shoulder of Mutton – Dogs permitted in the bar, where you can also order food. Beer good.
  • The Barge – Dogs are welcome in the bar area where water bowls are available. Full food menu can be eaten in the bar area.
  • Nags Head – Fabulous old building with dog friendly public bar next to the park and near the canal. Good ales and excellent food for humans. Treats given to the dogs!
  • The Barley Mow – More dogs than humans both times visited Easter 2015. Dogs allowed inside in all areas. Good selection of beer, Everards, and decent lagers.
  • The Navigation Inn – Ex-Gordon Ramsey Chef Owner with traditional but adventurous bar menu and adjacent fine dining restaurant. Overlooks the canal, great for walks.
  • The Dolphin – Dogs allowed in bar area. Pub serves meals, Sunday lunch and coffee and cake.
  • The Cannon – This pub does not do food but serves a good variety of Real Ales which are very well kept, it is a true pub in the old tradition, it welcomes dogs.
  • The Swan Inn – Dogs allowed in bar area.
  • The Inn on the Lake – Modern Restaurant/pub beside a lake in Milton Keynes. Dogs allowed in the bar area only.
  • The Wavendon Arms – Dogs allowed in bar area
  • The Betsey Wynne – the perfect place to relax and chat with friends, with a wide range of real ales always on tap
  • The Fir Tree Inn – The right blend of season local food, cosiness and quality
  • The Prince George – Log burners, lush wines, real ales and delicious food. And super dog friendly
  • The Black Horse – and cosy pub situated on the canal in Great Linford, serving up cask ales, exquisite wines and decent pub grub
  • The Lowndes Arms – friendly family-owned restaurant, bar and ‘motel’ rooms, free wi-fi
  • The Swan Inn – carefully selected wines, real ales and good food at proper pub prices

A couple additions were suggested by a reader which I have now listed below – enjoy!

  • The Victoria, Bradwell, MK13 9AQ – No food here (yet), but doggy treats always available and great for real ale
  • The North Western, Wolverton, MK12 5LJ – Owned by Boris who also owns the New Inn. Good food and Dogs allowed bar side
  • Halley’s Comet, Bradville, MK13 7AW – Value for money food, family & dog friendly during the day

Credits: The Swan Inn, Doggie Pubs & Seamus!